how should sunglasses fit

How to pick sunglasses that fit your face?

If you have to wear regular sunglasses for outdoor activities, achieve a good look or protect your eye from UV rays. Maybe you know fit sunglasses are very urgent.

Because only fit sunglasses can be worn for a long time with a comfortable feel. But do you know how should sunglasses fit to wear comfortably?

Maybe you don’t have enough knowledge to take comfort and fit sunglasses for your face. That’s why you can read this article to get fit sunglasses.

How to get fit sunglasses

Something that needs to be considered when choosing a pair of sunglasses. That helps you to get fit, fashionable, and perfect sunglasses style for your face.

1. Consider face shape.
2. Sunglasses size.
3. Nose bridge.

1. Face shape

Men and women are brown with different types of face shapes. That’s why all sunglasses styles do not fit with a particular facial structure.

So before choosing sunglasses fast, you need to determine your face shape. Then you have to know which sunglasses style is perfect for your face shape.

There I try to throw some aid to determine face shape. Then I safely discuss good-looking sunglasses styles for particular face shapes.

How to measure face shape for fit sunglasses?

how to measure face shape

Everyone should know his face shape. Because not only important for finding perfect sunglasses. Also important for perfect hairstyles & makeup look. There I try to help you to measure face shape. Fast take your own photo. Then collect a pen, measuring tape & white paper.

If all essential is ready. Then you can start measuring. Remember, there we have to calculate 1. Cheekbone width 2. Jawline 3. Face length 4. Forehead width. After completing the calculation of the face don’t forget to write on the white paper. Then you can follow the image to determine which is your shape.

1. Cheekbone width – start measuring slightly below of eye. Then cross-strait one corner to another corner. 

2. Face length – now you have to find out the center of the hairline. Because needs to start measuring from the center of the hair. Then straight down, measuring the tape end of the chin.

3. Forehead width – there needs to measure the forehead, left to the right end of the hairline. 

4. Jawline – start calculation from one end jawline to another end jawline.

How to determine face shape?

how to determine face shape

Maybe you have already completed the writing and measuring face. This is the time to determine your face structure.  But before start most important to know the types of face shapes. The most well-known face structure is 1. Oval 2. Square 3. Round 4. Long 5. Heart 6. Diamond shape. All face structure measurements are not the same.

There you have to cleaver identify the structure of the face. That reason needs to learn a particular face shape measurement. There I mean need to know which face measure indicates which face shape. I think you understand what can I say. There I try to help you to understand. On the other side, you can follow this image to ensure your face shape.

1. Oval face shape determined – Face length & forehead bigger than the width of cheekbones &  jawline. Also, oval face shape has a beautiful curved chin. The forehead can be a widest part of an oval face.

Sunglasses for oval face shape

Oval face men and women can choose any type of sunglasses style. Yes, this is true. If you brown with an oval face structure you have a universal choice. Any type of sunglasses style you can wear.

2. Long face shape determined – Gracefully taper toward the chin. Also, the face length measurement high than the face wider. Long face shapes look like straight and narrow-width face structures. Also, forehead and jawline measurements are almost the same, and pointed chin.

Sunglasses for long face shape

Before choosing sunglasses for a long face. You have to remember a small size and oval sunglasses style is not for you. You have to take square sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, and any thick-frame sunglasses style.

3. Round face shape determined – Face lengths & cheekbones are almost similar. At the same time, jawline & forehead measurements are similar.

Sunglasses for round face shape

Wayfarers and cat-eye sunglasses can be best friends for round-faced men and women. You can also wear Square and rectangular sunglasses.

4. Square face shape determined – Face cheekbones, jawline & forehead measurements can be the same for a square face shape. The square face structure can be angular with minimal curves. Also length and width of your face is can be equal.

Sunglasses for square face shape

A huge sunglasses-style open for a square face shape. You can choose a round or cat eye, aviator, brow line, and oval sunglasses for a square face shape.

5. Heart face shape determined – Forehead larger than jawline & cheekbones. Also, the jawline is narrower, pointy chin and round hairline are a sign of heart face shape. The forehead can be the widest part of the heart face shape. At the same time, cheekbones are also the second wide part of the face.

Sunglasses for heart face shape

Without confusion, you can choose Rectangular, oval, and aviator-shaped sunglasses for a heart face shape. You can also wear rimless for heart face shape.

6. Diamond face shape determines – After complete measurement if you understand the cheekbones are a wider part of your face than the chin and forehead. At the same time, the Diamond face shape has a narrower forehead than cheekbones. Also, the smallest jawline and has a narrow and pointed chin.

Sunglasses for diamond face shape

Any kind of angular frame shapes well for a diamond face structure. You can take square, aviator, oversized circular, rectangular, and oval-shaped sunglasses.

2. Choose the correct sunglasses size

how to choose sunglasses size

Very urgent to choose the perfect sunglasses size to get fit sunglasses for your face. That’s why you need to measure across your face. You can follow the image to know how to measure the distance between your face temples. However, you can also find the best electric razor for tough beard and sensitive skin.

Just take a measuring tape or ruler. Then you have to start measuring just below your eye and across your face. However, after completing the measurement just write down your face temple size.

Remember three sizes of sunglasses are available in the market. The three sizes are 1. Small. 2. Medium. 3. Large.

Small-size sunglasses: small sizes are good for 4.5″ to 5.1″ temple size.

Medium-size sunglasses: these sunglass sizes are perfect for a 5.25″ to 5.5″ inches temple size.

Large sunglasses: If your temple size is 5.75″ to 6.25″ inches. You can take large sunglasses.

3. Consider nose bridge

how are sunglasses supposed to fit

The nose bridge is another important subject to getting fit sunglasses. People brown with various sizes of noses. So the same nose bridge is not good for everyone.

If you are brown with a large nose. You have to take lower nose bridge sunglasses. If you are brown with a medium-sized nose. You have to take low or medium-nose bridge sunglasses. You can also choose the best sunglasses with a beard click here.

People with small noses. Don’t forget to take high-nose bridge sunglasses. So I think you already understand which nose bridge is perfect for your nose size.

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