how to shave your neck with an electric razor

6 tips to get a better shave on your neck with an electric razor

Nowadays very common question is how to shave your neck with an electric razor. Because the neck is a sensitive area. Also, it is difficult to shave your neck without any problems.

On the other hand, most people suffer redness, razor burn, and neck pain from shaving their neck. Because they don’t know the proper way to shave their necks.

That’s why today I want to give you some easy tips. That helps you to clean your neck easily within 3 to 5 minutes without any problems or side effects.

6 tips for shaving the neck with an electric razor

how to shave neck with electric shaver

Do you know why shaving the neck is difficult? Because most of the time the hair on the neck grows in an uneven pattern. At the same time neck skin is very sensitive.

So if you don’t know the proper way to shave your neck. You have to face a problem. But there are some tips for you. That helps to shave multiple areas on the neck without problem.

  • 1. Trim your long-neck hair.
  • 2. Pick the right electric shaver.
  • 3. Use shaving cream or gel.
  • 4. Find the hair growth structure on your neck.
  • 5. Add or reduce pressure.
  • 6. Use aftershave.

1. Trim your long neck hair

shaving neck with electric razor

First, you have to know that an electric shaver is good for trimming a short beard. Most of the time you fail to shave your neck with an electric razor for a long beard.

So what do you have to do? You have to cut your long-necked hair before starting trimming for best results. Because an electric shaver is designed to shave every day for a fresh look.

Also, the long beard can get stuck in the electric razer blades and foils. So we can say a long beard is harmful for an electric razor. That’s why you should shorten the length of the beard then you can start shaving.

2. Pick the right electric shaver

shave neck with electric shaver

Electric shaver design by particular beard style. So one electric shaver is not good for every beard style. That’s why you have to choose a shaver that is specially made for your beard patterns.

If you are brown with a coarse and thick beard. You have to choose a Foil electric shaver for shaving your neck. At the same time odd beards, coarse beards, and unruly beards are perfect for rotary shavers. However, if you want to take a close save try the best close-shave electric razor.

Also, you need to fully charge your shaver battery before start shaving your neck. You have to make sure your shaver blades have enough surfness.

3. Use shaving cream or gel

how to prevent razor bumps on neck with electric razor

You need to soften your beard for a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. That’s why you have to fast clean your face with lake-warm water. After a clean face don’t forget to use shaving cream to soften your beard.

But if you want to dry shave don’t do this. Because it is not right to clean your face with water and use shaving gel for dry shaving. Also, you have to pick a rotary electric shaver for dry shaving.

At the same time, a Foil shaver is good for wet shaves. So you have to determine between a dry or wet shave. Because you have to prepare different ways for dry and wet shaves.

4. Find hair growth structure on your neck

how to prevent razor burn on neck with electric razor

This is the most important point to shaving without redness and irritation. There you have to determine the direction of your hair growth. Also, you have to shave in the same direction for beard growth.

Just smoothly touch your neck hair. Maybe you can feel some areas of your neck are rough, circular patterns and some areas are smooth. After determining the hair growth pattern. You have to take precautions to cut neck hair in the same direction.

Remember hair growth patterns are very uneven in the neck area. That’s why you have to be careful. If you fail to understand hair patterns you have to face pain, redness, and irritation problems.

5. Reduce pressure

neck shaving tips

It doesn’t matter what kind of razor you choose to shave your neck. If you use an electric razor or general razor. Booth way you have to control pressure. Because perfect pressure helps you to save smoothly.

Remember high pressure is not recommended for an electric razor. Because electric shavers are designed to save closely and smoothly with minimal force.

So try to control the pressure from medium to low for an electric shaver. If you want to save with high pressure. You have to face a problem. So be careful and read about the benefits of the beard in Islam.

6. Use aftershave

Don’t forget to use after shaving lotion or balm. Because aftershave helps to reduce ingrown hairs and irritation. Also aftershave an effective cut and redness area of the skin.

Aftershave made with alcohol. That’s why it is very effective against any bacteria. Also, you can use any type of skin without a problem. Also, it is very commonly used in the world after shaving.

After shaving ingredients list also has aloe Vera and hazel. Those reasons aftershave can moisturize your skin. That’s why almost all specialists suggest using aftershave.


1. Why is it so hard to shave my neck?

Yes, shaving the neck is a little bit harder than other parts of your face. The main reason is hair growth patterns. Neck hair grows in various patterns like circular patterns, rough patterns, and smooth patterns.

2. Can you use an electric shaver on your neck?

Yes, you can shave your neck with an electric razor. I also highly recommend electric shavers for shaving the neck. Because neck skin is very sensitive. That’s why traditional razors do not work well.

On the other hand, if you are not an expert shaving. Maybe you will have to face skin irritation, redness, razor burn, and neck pain problems.

If you have a beginning leave of experience of shaving your neck. I recommend using an electric razor. Because there is no need for high experience to use an electric shaver.

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