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Current men’s jeans fashion trends in 2024

Hi, my name is Rajib and I am a fashion designer. In 2014 I completed my gratitude in Fashion Design at a reputed university. But sadly long time I was behind in the fashion industry. But now I want to get back into Fashion. That’s why I wish to design some smart-looking men’s jeans. I hope my jeans design turns into a popular Men’s jeans trend.

But it is not so easy to design modern menswear. Because a pair of regular jeans can express your trendy mind. Also, jeans can be well fit for comfort and relaxation. On the other hand, including spring and summer facts. All things combined it is hard to design trendy men’s jeans.

But I don’t worry and start work to design new men’s jeans. That jeans design can be a new shape, new look, and comfortable to wear. Because fashion is more than what you wear.

The Moodboard

denim trends men

After lots of thinking I do not find anything to inspire me. That helps to make popular jeans trends for men. But unfortunately, I have to go to a hotel to meet with my client.

I am just waiting in the hotel waiting room. But in this movement, I inspired denim drift blue interior design waiting room. That was an awesome denim drift Dulux and Lapis blue color combination. That helps me to cool jeans trends for summer and winter.

However, there I will show you some visual summary of inspirational images. That helps me to take the concept and feeling of the new trendy jeans for men.

Color board

latest fashion trends mens jeans

Choosing a denim color is not so easy. Because 1000 colors of denim fabric are available in the market. But all denim colors are not good for you and modern men’s Jeans fashion. You also read light blue jeans outfit aid for men to know more.

That’s why you have to be clever to find denim colors for 2024. However, if you are a color trend lover and find awesome denim color trends for men in 2024. I want to suggest you to wear

  • 1. Indigo black
  • 2. Vintage Denim
  • 3. Deep Indigo
  • 4. Light blue
  • 5. Royal blue

Fabric board

current men's jeans trends

Maybe you know that row denim is a 100% cotton fabric. But most of the modern denim are not made with 100% cotton. Nowadays manufacturers are adding polyester, Lycra, and various materials for stretch and a soft feel.

But in 2024 I want to suggest you avoid wearing raw denim. Because row denim is never washed or treated. At the same time row denim dark blue color is not a smart choice in modern fashion. That’s why I chose

  • 1. Indigo Dyed Denim
  • 2. Stone Wash Denim
  • 3. Stretch Denim
  • 4. Lightweight Denim
  • 5. Selvedge denim

The range board

jean trends for men

This is the variety of looks in our trendy men’s denim collection. This visual chart helps readers to understand the whole look of the collection. This whole collection is trying to touch the aged 18 to 40 years age men. I designed this means jeans collection for a modern to classic look. Even I design men’s Jens for represent high fashion. However. if you need perfume you can try fragrance for older men.

Final garments

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