Pro Con
 1. Increase visual comfort in the sun. 1. Difficult to view LCD screens.
2. Polarized sunglasses come in various colors 2. You can see the slightly darker vision with polarized lenses.
3. Keep a safe eye on the harmful effects of UV rays. 3. Polarized lenses are not good in low-light situations.

4. Reduce sun reflected light or glare for visual clarity in the sun.

5. Helps to clearly see beneath the surface of the water. That’s why good for boating, water-skiing, and fishing.

It’s a difficult question. Because it depends on what the reason you wear sunglasses. If you are a pilot you need to wear a non polarized sunglasses.

Because, polarized sunglasses glare-reducing ability effect clear vision to read LCD displays. On the other side if you are a sports man or you have to spend huge time in the sun.

You need to wear a polarized sunglasses. Because polarized sunglasses can reduce glare and block UV rays.

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