electric shaver doesn’t shave

Why does my electric razor not shave well?

Electric shavers are more popular for long-lasting. At the same time, it is more popular for easier beard-cutting processes and for reducing the risk of skin irritation than a safety razor.

Also, electric shavers are good for dry and wet shaves. But do you know nowadays lots of men complain that my electric shaver doesn’t shave well? Also, they have to find a solution to this problem.

They also complain about electric shavers not shaving closely and beards left behind. That’s why today I want to solve this type of problem.

Find the problem of electric shaver doesn’t shave

electric shaver that doesn t shave too close

If your electric shaver doesn’t perfectly cut the beard. You have to find the problem of what’s wrong with your electric shavers. After finding out the problem you have to fix the issue. Or you can read how I make my electric razor not hurt.

Remember an electric shaver comes with lots of electrical parts. Also, it is different from traditional razors. There I identified the two types of problems. That’s the reason an electric shaver does not work properly.

1. Wrong technique of shaving: The fast problem may be that you do not know the proper way to shave with an Electric shaver.

2. Problem with electric shaver: The second reason is the problem with your electric razor.

1. Wrong technique of shaving

Most of the men love to cut their beard with an electric shaver. But they don’t know how to shave with a shaver. As a result, the beard is not cut properly and has to face skin irritation. There I will show you 5 reasons why an electric shaver doesn’t shave.

  • 1. Your beard is too long.
  • 2. Choose the wrong shaver for the beard type. 
  • 3. No excessive pressure. 
  • 4. Not using shaving cream. 
  • 5. You don’t know how to shave.

1. Your beard is too long

my electric shaver doesn t shave

Remember an electric shaver good for daily shaving. That means an electric shaver is a good choice for cutting the short beard. Because if you shave daily or weekly 3 or 4 times your beard can be reasonable and manageable length.

If you choose high-end models, an electric shaver for cutting long beards. You are a fool because high-end models are also designed for cutting short beards.

So before starting shaving with an Electric shaver. You should trim the beard with a general trimmer and cut the long length of the beard. After reducing the length of the beard you can start shaving with an Electric shaver for clean shaving.

2. Choose the wrong shaver for the beard type

electric razor doesnt shave well

All men are not brown with the same face shape, hair, and beard style. So we can say men are brown with different beard styles. That’s why one electric shaver is not good for all types of beard styles.

At the same time, the same electric razor is not good for dry and wet shaves. So you have to choose an electric razor by your beard types and style. Remember foil and rotary are the two types of electric razors available in the market.

If your beard is coarse or thick you have to choose a foil shaver. On the other hand, a rotary shaver is good for odd-growth beard patterns. Also, you can choose a rotary shaver for a coarse and unruly beard.

3. No excessive pressure

electric shaver doesnt work

Remember electric razor designs are different from general razors. You have to have basic knowledge of shaving with an Electric Razor. As an example when you shave with an electric shaver, you have to create minimal force to cut your beard.

On the other hand, a general razer needs medium to high pressure to cut a beard. If you want to cut your beard with an electric razor closely with high pressure you are a fool.

Because of exerting too much pressure against the skin. As a result, you have to face irritation of the skin. So try to create the minimal force to shave with an electric shaver.

4. Not using shaving cream

why is my electric shaver not getting close shave

Before starting shaving you should use shaving cream. Because shaving cream can smooth your beard. As a result, electric razor blades easily find and cut the beard smoothly.

Without shaving cream it is very hard to cut your beard. Also without shaving cream, you have to face high risk for a shaving injury. At the same time, you have to face scrape, cut your skin, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. 

But you have to remember that all electric razors are not good for wet shaves. Only foil shavers are perfect for wet shaves. So try to choose a foil electric razor for a wet shave. 

5. You don’t know how to shave

why is my razor not cutting my hair

When you want to convert a general razor to an electric shaver. You have to know the perfect way to shave with an electric razor. There are some tips for you to get better results with an Electric shaver.

You have to move the razor circular motion to cut your beard without side effects. Also, you have to find the right angle. Try moving the razor against your hair growth for best results.

If you want to dry shave, don’t wet your face with water before shaving. If you want to wet shave try to wet your face with lukewarm water for a smooth beard. 

2. Problem of electric shaver

Without proper shaving techniques, sometimes the problem of electric shaving is the main reason for not cutting your beard properly. That’s why I show you 4 common problems with electric shavers. That’s the reason you’re failing to cut a bear with an electric shaver.

  • 1. You do not clean the shaver after use. 
  • 2. Need to lubricate in shaver blades. 
  • 3. The battery hasn’t enough power. 
  • 4. Electric shaver blades are dull.

1. You do not clean the shaver after use

why is my electric razor not cutting

Every man should clean the shaver after each use. Because after using your shaver build-up of hair, dirt, and dead skin. As a result, the electric shaver stopped working and failed to cut the beard closely.

But you can easily fix this problem. Just you have to clean the shaver. Because the electric shaver doesn’t come with an automatic cleaning system. But before cleaning flow manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning.

But I recommend cleaning under running warm water. Also, you can well shake the razor after completing shaving.

2. Need to lubricate in shaver blades

why is my electric shaver not cutting

Foil and rotary what shaver you use, this doesn’t matter. But the matter is to use Lubrication for each shaver for a comfortable shave. But don’t forget to use highly refined mineral oil.

But don’t use too much oil in the shaver. Just try to use one or two drops of oil in the clean shaver. Maybe you want to know what’s the benefits of using oil in the electric razor.

Oil helps to sharpen the blade. As a result, you can get a comfortable and smooth shaving experience. Also, oil can reduce the heat of the shaver.

3. The battery haven’t enough power

This is another great reason electric shavers don’t shave. Because without enough power it is not possible to run the motor perfectly. So before starting shaving, you need to charge the battery.

But sometimes the battery loses the ability to recharge. That’s why the motor runs slowly. As a result, blades did not cut the beard. So you need to change the battery for better results.

However, you can extend the life of batteries. Just don’t plug in after full charge of the battery. Also, you can remove the battery from the shaver after completing the shave.

4. Electric shaver blades are dull

my electric razor wont shave

Every man should replace his electric razor blades after 12-18 months to continue. Because blades gradually lose sharpness. That’s why blades fail to cut the beard comfortably and close. 

I recommend it to avoid dull blades. Because that irritates the skin. Also, dull blades can lead to ingrown hairs. That’s why everyone should shave with sharp blades.

So if you already face the problem, cut your beard with electric shavers. don’t forget to replace the blades immediately. After replace blades you can try how should sunglasses fit your face click here.

Final word

As a final word, we can say everyone should take care to shave for long-lasting and smooth shaving. Because most of the time the electric shaver doesn’t cut the beard smoothly for my showing reason.

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