how long do electric shavers last

How long do electric shavers last and need to replace

In this world, each and everything has a certain life. After a certain life everything loses her work ability. As well as your electric shavers. That’s why people want to know how long electric shavers last.

But answering the questions is not so easy. Because the longevity of an electric razor depends on lots of things. That’s why it is hard to tell the life of an electric razor.

Also, the life of an electric razor can be extended by the right care. That’s why everyone should properly clean an electric shaver after completing a shave.

How many years does an electric shaver last?

how long should an electric razor last

A high-end electric shaver warranty can be 2 years. After 2 years of warranty, you can easily use an electric razor for more than 3 years. So we can say an electric shaver we can use for more than 5 years.

However, the longevity of an electric shaver can be less than 5 years and more than 5 years. It is defined as the quality of the material used in an electric razor. If any electric shaver is made with a high-quality motor and battery.

High-quality electric shavers can be listed for more than 7 years. On the other hand life of an electric shaver depends on how you care and how you use an electric razor.

Also, you can replace the electric shaver battery, screen, and blades for extended life. But you have to know when you should replace electric shaver parts. However there I will show you 4 ways to extend an electric shaver’s lifespan.

1 When should replace electric shaver blades

how long do electric shaver blades last

After collecting an electric razor you have to replace the blades anytime. When you feel you are not able to cut the beard closely. Also, you have to rework for a clean shave in the same area. That means electric shaver blades are dull.

You need to replace the blades. That’s why it is not possible to say the exact time. Because it can happen after buying 6 months to 3 years.

So when you feel you have to work hard to cut the beard closely. You should change the blades for a smooth shaving experience.

2. When you should replace an electric shaver battery

how long do electric razors last

You need to know a few signs of the battery to replace an electric shaver battery at the exact time. The big sign of a dull battery is takes a longer time to fully charge than the previous time taking a full charge battery.

Similarly, if you look after full charge battery chargers are not held for enough time. That means the battery loses its ability to hold charge. Because your electric razor battery is dull. By hook or by crook you should find a way to replace the battery.

But generally, a high-quality electric razor battery lasts for two years. But battery longevity can be less than 2 years. If you use a low-quality electric shaver. Now 6 tips for you to shave your neck with an electric razor.

3. When you should replace the electric razor screen

how long do foil shavers last

All electric shavers do not come with a display screen. If you buy an electric razor with a screen you have to replace them. Because the screen of the electric razor is one of the most sensitive parts.

Because the screen loses workability more quickly than any parts of the electric shaver. The reasons more quickly screen damage are dust, hair, dead skin, flakes, and more reasons including.

That’s why most experts said everyone should replace his electric shaver screen after 6 to 8 months. But it is not the exact time. I think you can feel it when you need to replace the electric shaver screen.

4. How to care for an electric razor for a long life

Yes if you can care for an electric shaver properly you can extend an electric shaver life. Maybe now you want to know what you have to do to extend an electric shaver’s life.

You just need to clean gently after each use of the shaver. Also, you need to deeply clean weekly. These two are general work that you have to do. Sametime don’t forget to lubricate weekly in the blade. That helps to sharpen the blade.

Finally, you have to store the electric shaver in a safe place. Also don’t overcharge the battery. So take care properly to use an electric shaver for a long time. Now go here for the best electric razor for elderly men.

What is next important to know about electric razor longevity

Yes, you need to know some more questions and answers to know the life of an electric shaver blade. Also, you need to know the exact time to change electric shaver heads.

1. When should you get a new electric shaver?

Generally, an electric shaver’s life is more than 3 years. But you can extend the life by replacing the battery, blades, and other parts of the electric shaver.

2. How long do rotary shaver blades last

Rotary shaver or Foil shaver blade longevity depends on how many times you shave in a week. Sametime depends on the thickness of the beard.

That’s why it is not possible to say the exact time to replace the blades. But most experts say rotary shaver blades need to be replaced in 6 to 12 months.

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