Finding sunglasses by face shape is not a very hard job. Just need to know your face shape. Finally, we have to gather knowledge of which sunglasses styles are perfect for your face shape.

Only this way you can get beautiful & fashionable sunglasses for any type of face shape. But a determined face shape is not an easy task.

Because you need to know measure your face shape. But don’t worry this article helps you to measure your face and find fit sunglasses for diamond, heart, oval, rectangle, round, and square face shapes.

How to measure face shape

sunglasses for different face shapes

Who wants to get fit sunglasses from top Italian sunglasses brands? He needs to measure his face. Most of the time we are looking at 5 types of shapes. But how, you detainment, which one is yours.

That’s why I try to give an idea that helps to measure your face. It’s simple but you can do this job in two ways. The fast method just takes a photo & starts calculating. The second system uses a mirror.

Both techniques are almost the same. I think the mirror idea is easier than others. But I don’t know which one is easier for you. So need to information booth way. I try to give aid for two methods but want to start with the mirror.

Fast look at the mirror & start the outline of your face. You can use anything to create a sketch-like erasable pen lipstick etc. Then take a tape, paper, and a pen. Also, look at my picture which helps you to measure. You have to complete the job in 4 steps.

how to measure your face shape

1. Cheekbone width – Start from below your eye, then straight across the nose one corner to another corner

2. Measure jawline – Fast find the ends of the jawbone, then start quantifying one corner to another

3. Face length – Start in the center of your hairline and straight down the end of your chin

4. Forehead width – This measure is one side hairline to the other side hairline.

Write down all of the measured numbers on the paper. Look at all of your sizes and determine your face shape. The second system is almost the same. Just you have to do this job with a photo.

How to determine face shape

how to find your face shape

If you already complete the measurement face shape. Now you have to determine your face shape. Generally, people are brown with 6 types of face shapes. These six types are

  • 1. Diamond face shape
  • 2. Heart face shape
  • 3. Oval face shape
  • 4. Oblong face shape
  • 5. Round face shape
  • 6. Square face shape

1. How to determine Diamond face shape

sunglasses for diamond face

Remember, if you have a diamond face shape. Your cheekbones can be a wider and strong part of your face than the chin, jawline, and forehead measurement of your face. Also, a narrow and pointed chin and the smallest jawline is a great indicators of a diamond face shape.

Sunglasses for diamond face shape: A huge sunglasses style fit with a diamond face shape. You can choose browline, cat-eye, round, oval, rectangular, and aviator sunglasses styles for a diamond face. At the same time, oversize sunglasses are good for you.

2. How to determine the Heart face shape

sunglasses for heart face shape

Basically, heart face shape can be a wide forehead, narrow jaw, and pointed chin. But when you measure you can see the forehead greater than the cheekbones and jawline. Also, the heart face shape hairline can be round, and the forehead large part of the face. Heart face shape cheekbones are also wide but not more than the forehead.

Sunglasses for heart face shape: Try to buy sunglasses for the heart face that helps to define the jaw, and cheekbones and emphasize the lower part of the face. Just try square, oversized, cat-eye, aviator, round, browline, and wayfarer sunglasses for heart face shape. Also, you have to choose light-colored frames for heart face.

3. How to determine the Oval face shape

sunglasses for oval face

After completing your face measurement If you determine your face shapes are longer than your face wide. That means you are an oval face-shaped person. Generally, oval face shapes can be 1 1⁄2 longer than face wide. Go here for the best sunglasses for oval face males. Also, the oval face chin structure can be curved shape. Oval face forehead measurement widest part of the face.

Sunglasses for oval face shape: Most recommended oval face shape sunglasses are square or rectangular frames. But don’t worry if you do not love square or rectangular sunglasses. You can choose aviator, cat-eye, geometric, round, browline, and colored sunglasses for oval face shapes.

4. How to determine an oblong face shape

best sunglasses for face shape

A face long is a higher measurement than a face wide is a fast indicator for an oblong face shape. At the same time oblong face shape forehead, jaw line, and cheekbone measurement can be almost the same.

Sunglasses for oblong face shape: Remember, always find sunglasses opposite the shape of your facial structure. However, find sunglasses for the oblong face that sunglasses help to face look shorter and broader. The best sunglasses for oblong face is retro-round, cat-eye, aviator, geometric, clubmaster, oversized, angular, and wayfarer.

5. How to determine Round face shape

sunglasses for round face shape

Round foreheads and jawlines are great indicators of a round face shape. On the other hand, your cheekbones and face length can be a smaller measurement than your face cheekbones. That means your cheekbones can be wider than your foreheads and jawlines.

Sunglasses for round face shape: Any angular shapes sunglasses style is the perfect choice for round face shapes. You can choose geometric frames, wayfarers, and rectangle sunglasses for a round face. The best sunglasses for a round face is square, browline, aviator, cat-eye, rectangular, oversized, clubmaster, and two-tone sunglasses.

6. How to determine Square face shape

You can easily determine a square face shape by measuring the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead of your face. After measurement, if you look at your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead amazement is almost the same measurement. This measurement means your face is square. The equal length and width of the face measurement is a great indicator of a square face shape.

Sunglasses for square face shape: If you already determined you are a square face shape person. Just quickly choose round, browline, oval, cat-eye, wayfarer, and aviator sunglasses for your square face.


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