what shape sunglasses for a square face

What shape sunglasses for square face men and women?

If you are confused, choose sunglasses for a square face. I am here to help you choose sunglasses for your square face shape.

Remember, it is essential to know your face shape and face size. That helps you get a perfect fit and good-looking sunglasses.

So I think you already measured your face shape and determined your face is square. Now I want to tell you. What shape sunglasses for square face men and women?

How to determine the square face?

what type of sunglasses suit square faces

A square face length and width measurement can be the same. Mostly forehead, cheekbones, and jaw width are the same measurement.

However, when you come to the characteristics of a square face shape. You get a strong jaw, broad forehead, and wide cheekbones. I think this information helps you to determine if your face shape is square or not.

But sadly, most people don’t have a perfectly square face shape. Most men and women have a mix of round and angular features.

Best sunglasses for square face shape

what sunglasses suit square face

Want to get a beautiful or stylish look with your square face? But it is difficult to choose good sunglasses with a square shape.

You have to pick the right one that is sweet with a facial structure. Generally, the square face measurement is a wide cheekbone, chin, or strong horizontal jawline. That’s why you have to choice

1. Round-frame sunglasses.
2. Oval-shaped sunglasses.
3. Aviator sunglasses.
4. Brow line sunglasses.
5. Cat-Eye sunglasses.
6. Wayfarer sunglasses.

Round sunglasses

what shape sunglasses suit a square face

Classic round and oversize round sunglasses can be stylish pieces for a square face shape. But don’t forget to choose a pair of perfect-fit round sunglasses. You can also find here the best sunglasses for round-face males.

That helps you to achieve perfection in your entire look. Also, you feel comfortable wearing round sunglasses. You can wear jeans, suits and any summer outfit with round sunglasses.

Finally, I want to say if you turn on the style, the right way with a square face. Round sunglasses can be your best friend.

Oval sunglasses

what shape sunglasses suit square face

The oval shape frame is another stylish sunglasses style for a square face structure. But there is a reason to achieve the popularity of oval sunglasses for square faces.

An oval shape frame helps to soften the face’s strong angles. That’s why you can achieve a more balanced look with a square face shape.

However, if you are a woman try to pick cute colored oval sunglasses. If you are a man try to pick smart-looking colored oval sunglasses.

Aviator sunglasses

aviator sunglasses for square face

Aviators are one of the most famous sunglasses styles in the world. Also, the good news is that the Aviator sunglasses are the perfect choice for a square face.

Because Aviator sunglasses fit well with striking lines of a square face shape. Also, a contrasting sunglasses shape without heaviness.

The aviator style is the perfect choice for many looks. But in the modern world, Aviator sunglasses are available for women.

Browline sunglasses

Browline sunglasses are one of the most popular 60s sunglasses styles. This sunglass style is a perfect choice for square face men and women. You can find fit browline sunglasses by face shape.

Browline sunglasses can cover your eyebrow. Also helps to create a natural curve around the eyes. That curve helps to hide the sharp angles of square faces.

Also, brow line sunglasses with angled corners can balance the square face, chin, and jaw straight line structure. So we can say browline sunglasses are a good choice for the square face.

Cat-Eye sunglasses

what sunglasses for square face

If you love the vintage classic look sunglass and brown with a square face shape. You’re a lucky person. Because vintage Cat Eye sunglasses are perfect for square face shapes.

Because Cat Eye sunglasses help to balance out your strong jawline. Cat-Eye frame upswept rim helps to balance your face looks.

But sadly these retro-style sunglasses I only suggest for women. Because cat eye sunglasses do not look fit for any man’s face shape.

Wayfarer sunglasses

wayfarer for square face

Wayfarers are the most popular sunglasses by Ray-Ban. This sunglasses style I want to suggest these for almost every face structure. As well as a square face shape.

However, If you already decided to take Wayfarers sunglasses for a square face shape. Please don’t forget to choose slightly curved wayfarer frames. Because curved wayfarer frames are ideal for square-face structures.


1. Q. What sunglasses have to be avoided for a square face

When you come to choosing sunglasses for a square face. You have to avoid bulky & thick frames. This type of frame makes an odd look with this face style.

Also, try to escape square, rectangular and geometric frames. You have to choose sunglasses that soften the lines & angles of this figure.

That’s why round structure, retro cat-eye, & oval frames are good for you. Round and oval frames create a soft balance. Make a beautiful look with a square face.

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